Equality for all – He for She.

The voice of the millennial generation

..Her voice may tremble, but her message was strong and clear. Yes, Emma Watson’s speech in the UN council was one of the most moving speeches that I’ve ever heard.

I was 6 years old, when I first saw Emma, on screen. Since then I’ve found my self looking up to her.
And to me, the most appealing aspect of her, was and always will be her smartness. She has grown up to be this kind, strong, intelligent and beautiful woman and I support her. Emma Watson is my hero.

Gender equality is a major issue, it always has been. And it’s not just my fight or your’s. Its our’s.
Often, feminists are tagged as man-haters, which is wrong on so many levels. Feminism is not to be biased towards a particular gender or type. It is the idea of equality, for all.
The day that I acknowledged and understood…

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